Security Guards provide peace-of-mind for business owners and individuals around the world by offering protection for commercial, industrial, and residential properties of all sizes. Many of us understand the importance of Security Guards, but do you know what responsibilities they hold? Believe it or not, Security Guards do a lot more than just keeping you safe! Whether you’re looking for a guard to meet your security needs or are interested in becoming a guard yourself, understanding their essential responsibilities can help make your decision easier. Read on for the five essential responsibilities of Security Guards.

Prevent Incidents

The primary responsibility of a security guard is to provide protection for the property of his client and any of the people using the space. Preventing security incidents and emergency situations before they occur is the best way to determine if a security guard is fulfilling this responsibility.

Get Help When Needed

In the case of dangerous situations like robbery, burglary, or assault with a deadly weapon, it’s the responsibility of Security Guards to be the first to apprehend the suspect and call the police for help.

Observe & Report

Though security guards are responsible for doing the best they can to prevent an incident or offense before it occurs, a guard’s responsibility during or after one has occurred is to observe and report the situation.

Serve as an Extension of Client’s Team

Security guards don’t only work to protect a property but to maintain miscellaneous rules and policies on behalf of the client. These can include:

  • Requiring employees and visitors to show their badge when entering a property
  • Performing security bag checks for employees and visitors when entering a property
  • Monitoring safety standards and reporting hazards on the property

Act as Symbol of Security

The mere presence of a security guard can deter criminals from theft, vandalism, and trespassing. Guards don’t only provide security through their actions but by acting as a symbol of security for their client. The presence of a guard is often indicative of other security measures in place on a property.

Maximum Security is fully staffed with professional security guards and patrol officers who are available 24/7 to meet your security needs. All of our employees are highly-trained to fulfill these five essential responsibilities and more. Call us at (508) 651-1515 to request a security guard for your property or event today.