With summer comes longer days, warm weather, BBQs, and, unfortunately, increased risk of burglary. In fact more burglaries occur during the summer than during any other time of the entire year. Home invasion and theft is especially common because many homeowners leave doors, windows, and blinds open to enjoy the fresh summer air. Many other families leave their homes vacant for long periods of time while on summer vacation, leaving their home vulnerable to not only to burglary but to vandalism.

Thankfully, keeping your home secure this summer is as easy as a few simple precautionary steps. Read on to learn more and prevent home burglary all season long.

Keep Keys Secure

No matter how well you think you may have hidden a spare key, chances are a burglar will be able to find it. Avoid this issue by making sure any spare keys are held by a friend or family member you trust closely. Even better, install an electronic lock with a secure PIN code. You can also add a smart door lock to your security system and download the accompanying phone app so you can directly control the lock system while away.

Keep Your Whereabouts Private

Many burglars watch homes and monitor social media to see when a home is vacant in order to plan their attack. Luckily, there are many ways to make your whereabouts more inconspicuous. Share your location sparingly on social media, ask friends or neighbors to house sit, or connect lights to a security/automation system to turn them on and off periodically to trick potential burglars into thinking you’re home.

Always Arm Your Security System While Away

Though this seems like an obvious tip, many homeowners forget to arm their alarm systems in the hustle and bustle of leaving for work, school, travel, and other engagements. Regardless of how safe and trustworthy your neighborhood may be, burglary can occur. Ensure your home is secure by double checking that your alarm is set every time before you leave. If you forget often, set up a smart security system with an accompanying mobile app so you can lock system from anywhere at anytime.


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