Private security guards and patrols are often the first line of defense for retail, commercial, and industrial companies against theft, vandalism, fire, and other potentially dangerous and damaging incidents.

Selecting a private security company to perform patrols requires some knowledge, preparation, and research. Without an effective and thorough process in place for evaluating security companies, chances for successfully selecting a security company to meet your needs is low. This article will help you understand what you should look for in a security guard and patrol company, what they should provide, and how to go about assessing them.

Understand your own needs.

Before you hire any security guard and patrol service provider, make sure you understand specifically what it is you need them to do and what services they will be required to perform. The following list contains some of the basic questions you should be able to answer:

  • Do we need foot and/or vehicle patrols?
  • When do we need them – during the business day, at night, for 24 hours, on weekends & holidays?
  • Do we need uniformed security officers with specific training and skills such as first aid, CPR, or crowd control?
  • Do the officers need to carry weapons or special equipment?
  • Do the officers need specific inspection training for equipment such as boilers or HVAC systems?

Ensure proper skill set alignment.

Security patrol requirements vary widely based on property location, size, and use. An industrial complex presents a much different security scenario compared to a retail strip mall. Taking that into account, be sure that the security companies you’re considering offer experience, expertise, and proper training to match your property protection needs.

  • Do the security officers have proper training to handle industry-related accidents, incidents, and particular security needs?
  • Do the officers have the necessary crowd control, language, and cultural sensitivity training required to work in a particular shopping mall and its specific locale?

Does the security company offer the proper communications equipment and training to handle your property and its particular communications challenges?

  • Are the patrol officers physically and intellectually fit to meet any unusual patrol requirements such as extensive walking, challenging environments, or complex reporting needs?
  • Do the officers possess a professional, courteous, responsive, responsible and trustworthy attitude?

Does the security company provide the professional and reliable service you require?

  • Is it licensed to operate in your location?
  • What is the make-up of its management team?
  • How stable is its employee base?
  • Is it financially sound?
  • Is their equipment up-to-date in good working order?
  • Do they provide their own patrol vehicles?
  • Who will be your liaisons and contact points?
  • How involved is management?
  • How will issues be resolved?

While the questions posed here will help you obtain some of the fundamental information you will need to make an informed decision on contracting a security guard and patrol company, they are by no means a comprehensive guide to selecting the right security company.

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