Auto Dealerships are the perfect location for video surveillance, on both the inventory and possible theft side. Cars on each lot range from a couple thousand dollars up to a couple hundred thousand dollars. These dealerships, leave much of there inventory in open lots outside, which is equivalent to millions of dollars.

Video Surveillance Benefits

Theft – Video surveillance cameras placed around a car lot can truly help to prevent thieves from stealing cars, or can help identify and find a thief if they are to steal a car.

Employees, Customers, Building – These cameras are crucial to keep your company and security staff informed all day. Modern security systems allow for employees and staff to be more flexible in their activities. Instead of sitting directly in front of a monitor during the day, guards can patrol and area and can receive alerts from cameras.

Be sure to place cameras in all public places such as showroom, lots, work rooms and lobbies. When setting up cameras outside, it’s important that you don’t miss any area in your lot.

Maximum Security specializes in their range of video surveillance throughout Massachusetts.  Our high quality video surveillance and electronic security services are trusted for both residential & commercial properties.

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