Many businesses today rely heavily on automated security systems – video cameras, sensors, and coded entry systems – but technology only goes so far. For more complete, flexible security coverage, it’s important to include patrols by trained security officers. On-site, trained security professionals can respond quickly, efficiently, and flexibly to just about any potentially threatening situation, including theft, vandalism, burglary, arson, and assault, to name a few.

Security PatrolsSecurity patrols can be either highly-visible vehicle patrols or less-visible foot patrols, depending on the need. Highly-visible drive-through patrols in marked vehicles are a great deterrent to potential wrongdoers, providing a clear statement that the property is protected and under surveillance. More low-key foot patrols, however, are ideally suited for catching wrongdoers in the act and providing more thorough coverage, indoors and out, with the added advantage of being able to utilize sight, sound, touch, and smell more effectively.

Either way — on foot or in a vehicle — security patrols conducted by trained security professionals are a valuable tool for protecting life and property.