Security GuardSo you’ve decided to upgrade the security at your company. Now you just need to figure out what kind of security program suits your specific needs. This month we want to describe the differences between a few different kinds of security so that you, the customer, are better informed and know what you are getting into.

Security Guard – A security guard or even a whole team of guards can be a vital addition to the daily routine at your company. Not only will someone in uniform remain by the entrance to greet and screen guests upon arrival, they will also conduct walking patrols of the complex, lock and unlock doors at opening and closing times, and keep a watchful eye out for any signs of danger or trouble. Having a guard visible is a good crime deterrent, although it will not prevent a determined troublemaker. We also offer plainclothes security officers, a popular service for retail environments.

Security Patrols – Our patrol options range from uniformed officers in marked cars to plainclothes operatives in unmarked vehicles. These patrol security officers can provide all the same services as a regular guard, and with the addition of their vehicle they can also provide “roll-by” surveillance. This service is perfect for companies with large campuses or big parking lots.

Red Alert Service – This service combines a stationary guard with a patrol car, marked or unmarked, for even more security. The Red Alert Service also features a Maximum Security on-site supervisory patrol during each shift. Depending on the size and surroundings of your location, a variety of specific measures can be implemented to maximize the security of everyone on the premises.

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