Security Patrol Services

Professional, Customized Patrol Security is Available 7 Days a Week for Businesses & Individuals in MA.

As the economy tightens we continue to hear more and more news of brazen and bold robberies. Security has become a critical concern for business owners and corporations. Protecting the company’s assets is more important now than ever. What do you do when you need to protect a large business or a large property that has valuable merchandise stored on it? These areas are being targeted because of the easy access and quick turnaround. Obtaining the services of a security company can be critical to protecting your investment.

Crime statistics show that regular, visible, patrols of high value areas greatly reduce the chances of a burglary. The statistics are undeniable; businesses with regular patrols receive substantial discounts on their insurance.

Another intangible but equally important statistic is employee safety and satisfaction. Regular patrols signify to the employees that the company is serious about safety and security, giving everyone a greater peace of mind.

If you own a large rental unit, automobile dealership or auto storage facility, container or trucking depot, construction site, or even office space, having a security company to patrol the property is a wise investment.

Our reliable patrol services are among the most cost-effective tool in the industry. Either a marked Maximum Security standard patrol vehicle (or an environmentally-friendly hybrid, if requested by the client) with a uniformed officer, or an unmarked vehicle with a plain-clothes officer will patrol your business, residence or storage location at random intervals in order to prevent and identify security and safety issues.

Depending on your needs, our officers will either provide a basic “roll-by” service, will walk the perimeter of your property, lock or unlock buildings, or even conduct a walk-though and door check within your facility. Patrol Services are available 24/7 by our highly-trained officers, many of whom have a law-enforcement background. In addition to our set number of patrols to location, a supervisory officer will also check the site every shift for an additional level of protection.

No one wants to be a victim of crime but making sure you have done everything you can to keep yourself, your family, or your business safe is a decision you can make now. Call Maximum Security today at 508.651.1515 for a free and confidential security consultation.