There is nothing quite like the holidays. It is a special time of the year where family and friends get together to celebrate. Unfortunately, there are burglars who look at this time of the year completely different. They see an opportunity to steal new gifts that families have purchased for their loved ones and friends. Burglars are scoping out easy access points and ways to escape quickly. Here are some tips to help keep you safe and deter any potential burglars away.

  • Set up your Christmas tree away from any windows at the front of your house. This way they can’t be seen easily from the street.
  • Don’t run any extension cords through the house that would keep a window or door open.
  • If you need electricity outside and can’t access any, hire an electrician to install an outlet outside.
  • Don’t pile a bunch of empty gift boxes of expensive gifts outside. A burglar will see the TV, and electronic packaging and will realize what gifts await inside.
  • Finally, you can always arm your house with a security system when you are home during the evening and when you are away from the house during the day.

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