At Maximum Security, Inc., we believe it is also our responsibility to help guard and protect our environment.

At first, we started small by installing energy efficient light bulbs throughout our office. We then transititioned to a nearly paperless system of internal correspondence. Soon after, our security officers in the field started sending electronic reports from their patrol vehicles directly to our office, saving on paper, mileage and time. We now also offer efficient paperless reporting and invoicing to clients who prefer it.

In 2007, we proudly purchased our first Toyota Prius Hybrid patrol vehicle. Like the standard model Ford Crown Victoria patrol car, our Prius option is fully-marked and has been equally successful in deterring criminal activity, while conserving energy and reducing emissions.

Although we will continue to offer our traditional patrol vehicles, which are still preferred for certain posts and circumstances, we have a growing fleet of hybrids to serve the increasing number of clients requesting them.

Feel Secure. Be Secure. Be GREEN with Maximum Security!