Security GuardNot every business needs to hire security, but it’s important to think about it.    If any of the following situations apply to you, you may want to invest your time and resources to benefit your company, property  & your employees.

Customer service. If your company has a lot of visitors, security guards can help prevent guests from becoming lost or accessing areas they probably shouldn’t.  Guards will limit their access while helpfully pointing the right way to go. Meetings will run smoother and you can rest securely in the knowledge that your employees are not getting interrupted elsewhere in the facility.

Theft prevention. The mere presence of a man in uniform can influence a would-be criminal to decide to back out at the last minute. Not only that, but employees are more likely to behave properly and less likely to swipe small items on their way out of work.

Vandalism deterrent. When you think of a professional building, you probably don’t include graffiti on the walls and other signs of vandalism. Security guards can prevent vandalism, which is defined as intentionally mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property, including public buildings. Whether you set up routine patrols or surveillance cameras with a security guard to monitor the grounds, your buildings are less likely to be messed with.

Increase perceived workplace safety. Studies show that workers who believe their workplace is very safe are less likely to engage in dangerous behavior.  While that’s a broad statement the studies’ conclusions show a definite plus to overall safety and show how security guards can help reduce employee absenteeism and turnover.  If there are ways to make your workplace safer and more cost-effective, why wouldn’t you get behind them?

Experience. If an incident were to occur on your premises that involved the police or medical attention, most security guards are trained on the correct procedures and paperwork. The average businessperson who does not deal with medical or legal documents regularly can become overwhelmed or confused pretty easily when faced with an emergency situation. Why worry? Investing in security for your business (or home) can help.

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