1011, 2014

Landscaping and Home Security

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Depending on the shape of your yard and the landscaping, it may provide an easy way to deter a burglar or a chance for an easy break in. When a burglar is looking to invade a home, there are a number of factors that they take into account including the visibility of your valuables, how lavish your home seems, and the presence of a home security system.


1009, 2014

Home Depot has Major Security Breach

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Recently the Home Depot had a security breach similar to what happened to the popular retail company Target. Nearly 2266 stores across in not only the United States, but Mexico and Canada, had a breach in their data from a malware infection across the company’s network.

The company estimates that their data has been breached for […]

1507, 2014

Security Tips when Preparing to Moving

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You have recently put your home on the market; it can be a very hectic time between packing and cleaning. When moving, the security of your home is many times overlooked for “higher” priorities.  Once your home is officially on the market it means a number of strangers will be viewing your home when you are at the house and when you are away.

As the foot traffic inside of your home increases, here a number of tips to keep your home and personal belongings safe.


2005, 2014

The Importance of Electronic Security and Your Business

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As we continue to move into a more digitally advanced society, the importance of monitoring employees through electronic surveillance is becoming more of a necessity then ever before. Currently, more than half of the employers in the United States use some form of electronic surveillance to monitor employees.

Below is specific scenarios in which Maximum Security can help your business stay secure with the help of electronic security. […]

611, 2012

Security Guard and Patrol Options

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So you’ve decided to upgrade the security at your company. Now you just need to figure out what kind of security program suits your specific needs. This month we want to describe the differences between a few different kinds of security so that you, the customer, are better informed and know what you are getting into. […]

1909, 2012

Workplaces That Benefit From Guard Services

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If you’re wondering whether to hire a security guard, chances are you could benefit from it. Security guards can be a great solution for a variety of problems, even if you don’t have any specific threats hovering around. Today we discuss a few ways guard services can benefit different workplaces.


1503, 2012

Private Investigations

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Private investigation today is not about somebody snooping around in a trench coat with a magnifying glass. Professional private investigators are trained, licensed specialists skilled at uncovering information about individuals, companies and organizations from a variety of sources.

Private investigation is frequently used by insurance companies, law firms and businesses to discover the truth about insurance claims, law suits and employee activities that may violate contracts, agreements or even the law. Private investigators today often use the Internet, social media, databases, computer forensics and other digital resources to gather public information about a subject.


2102, 2012

Background Checks

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At a certain point, people have to put their trust in one another. How can you reliably choose who to trust? Here are five key questions to ask yourself to decide if you need to order a background check. […]

3101, 2012

Super Secure Super Bowl

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The city of Indianapolis is no stranger to hosting large crowds of sports fans, boasting six NCAA Final Four tournaments since 1980 as well as the annual Indianapolis 500. This year, for the first time, they are welcoming the NFL Super Bowl and a myriad of football superfans to the Lucas Oil Stadium, a multi-purpose sports stadium that opened in 2008. […]

2906, 2010

Event Planning and Security

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An event takes a great deal of time and planning. From birthday parties, to weddings, to corporate functions there are so many details to manage. Things like guest lists, food, décor, and location are just a handful of what goes into preparing an event. What every event coordinator wants whether professional or novice is for the occasion to go smoothly and safely. A hiccup or two is bound to happen, but when it comes to the security if the event, the coordinator cannot be too careful.

Hotels, convention centers and restaurants are the focus when picking a venue and the always offer their own onsite security. Though this security may be sufficient for their daily working and functioning it can prove to be lacking when it comes to an event. Luckily, there are options when it comes to hiring out for security. Although as a consumer and planner, it is best to take into consideration that not all security companies are trained for event security. Employing the wrong security for a celebratory event can completely ruin the gala. […]