107, 2015

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Nanny Cam?

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When it comes to your children, you would do anything to keep them safe. Nanny surveillance using hidden cameras (coined nanny cams) has risen in popularity among anxious parents and caregivers looking for additional peace of mind. Finding a completely trustworthy nanny or babysitter for your child can be a very difficult and nerve-wracking experience, especially in […]

107, 2015

How Can I Protect My Business From Being A Target?

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Though certain businesses – retail shops, dental offices, and pharmacies – are at greater risk of burglary and other security issues, all businesses can be targeted. The occurrence of any security issue can not only threaten your ability to run your business but could leave the sensitive information of yourself, your business, and your employees […]

2906, 2015

Summer Home Security Tips

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With summer comes longer days, warm weather, BBQs, and, unfortunately, increased risk of burglary. In fact more burglaries occur during the summer than during any other time of the entire year. Home invasion and theft is especially common because many homeowners leave doors, windows, and blinds open to enjoy the fresh summer air. Many other families […]

1506, 2015

5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Identity

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As much as we would like to believe everyone values and protects the privacy of others, reality consistently proves quite the opposite. Society is filled with experts in identity theft who dwell in the pursuit of sensitive information to use for their own personal gain. Your credit card or bank account info, passwords, social security number, health records, social networks, […]

2905, 2015

How Does Video Surveillance Prevent Crime?

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Electronic security using video surveillance systems have been in existence since the early 1940’s and over 70 years of success prove that these systems can be an excellent addition to your home or business, helping to keep it safe from trespassing, vandalism, theft, and other security issues.

Most people know what a video surveillance system looks […]

2905, 2015

The 5 Essential Responsibilities of Security Guards

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Security Guards provide peace-of-mind for business owners and individuals around the world by offering protection for commercial, industrial, and residential properties of all sizes. Many of us understand the importance of Security Guards, but do you know what responsibilities they hold? Believe it or not, Security Guards do a lot more than just keeping you […]

3004, 2015

How to Prevent Identity Theft

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There is no profile for an identity thief, meaning anyone of any gender, age, ethnicity, or social class can steal your personal information to commit fraud. They can cause severe damage to your credit and finances – leading to years of effort to recover from the damage.

Prevention is the key to protecting your credit and […]

1704, 2015

Employee Theft Prevention

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Each year businesses nationwide attribute billions of dollars in losses to employee theft. Unfortunately, employees often use their knowledge of security practices, increased access, and acquired trust to steal from the company for which they work. Thankfully, there are simple steps you can take as a business owner, manager, or employee to prevent employee theft.

It’s […]

1504, 2015

Shoplifting Prevention

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As a retail business owner, there’s nothing better than seeing customers enjoy shopping in your store; finding gifts for family, spending time with friends, or simply treating themselves. Unfortunately, most retail business owners are also familiar with the sinking feeling of finding evidence of or personally witnessing a shoplifter.

A report from the National Association for […]

1304, 2015

Spring into the New Season with A Home Security Makeover

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Temperatures are rising, snow is melting, and green buds are sprouting to mark the start of spring. Though many homeowners recognize the new season as an opportunity to renovate and clean their homes, few recognize spring as a chance to give their homes a complete security makeover. You’ve invested a great deal of time, money, […]