107, 2015

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Nanny Cam?

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When it comes to your children, you would do anything to keep them safe. Nanny surveillance using hidden cameras (coined nanny cams) has risen in popularity among anxious parents and caregivers looking for additional peace of mind. Finding a completely trustworthy nanny or babysitter for your child can be a very difficult and nerve-wracking experience, especially in […]

2102, 2012

Background Checks

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At a certain point, people have to put their trust in one another. How can you reliably choose who to trust? Here are five key questions to ask yourself to decide if you need to order a background check. […]

306, 2010

Nannies and Caregivers

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Whether it is a single parent or two-parent family, nannies have become a pleasing option to day care. Parents feel more comfortable with their children being raised and cared for in their own home then in an institutionalized setting. In addition, a parent reserves the right when employing a nanny to expect the child to be raised in the same manner that the parent(s) choose to practice. A feeling of confidence can wash over mommy and/or daddy as their precious offspring play, eat, and reside at home with someone who is nurturing and loving when they physically cannot be. […]