2014 proved to be a very crucial year for the advancement of home security and 2015 shows no sign of slowing down. From start-up companies creating new renditions of alarm systems, to major companies like Google acquiring Nest and Dropcam, the changes to home security seem boundless.  As companies continue to innovate and improve on current technologies, the future of the home security industry looks very positive.

Here are a number of things to keep a look out for in 2015:


The use of the smartphone within the home security industry has increased significantly with more systems integrating directly with your phone or tablet. Having your security system available with you 24/7 provides a positive peace of mind.

From accessing live camera footage, to the ability to monitor your overall system, having access through your smartphone makes everything easier. As updates continue to roll out for the app, it gives you much more control over what you can accomplish with your home security system.


2015 seems to be the year of the security camera, so it’s important to pay attention to the changes that will ensue. Security cameras add a level of comfort that is truly unmatched, there is nothing more satisfying then knowing what’s going on at your home at all times.

Many companies are looking at ways of making not only their cameras more advanced, but the user-ability as well. Many companies have designed their system around the functionality of the camera and continue to integrate an emphasis on both the images and video quality.

Overall User Experience:

For most home security companies, the user experience is the definitive option that separates the best home security companies from another. As companies continue to develop apps and websites for their security system, home security in 2015 will be undoubtedly be the most innovative year for home security.