When it comes to your children, you would do anything to keep them safe. Nanny surveillance using hidden cameras (coined nanny cams) has risen in popularity among anxious parents and caregivers looking for additional peace of mind. Finding a completely trustworthy nanny or babysitter for your child can be a very difficult and nerve-wracking experience, especially in the midst of more and more “Nanny Caught in the Act” headlines appearing in the media.

Are you considering a nanny cam to keep a watchful eye on your children while away? Read on to learn some more information in addition to the benefits of installing a nanny cam in your home.


What Is A Nanny Cam?

The term “nanny cam” covers a wide range of specialized covert video cameras hid in strategic locations to record and monitor the actions of a nanny, babysitter, au pair or other caregiver for children. Nanny cams come as either very small cameras that can be hidden where you choose or come set in fake versions of mundane household items such as smoke alarms, air fresheners, clocks, stuffed animals, stereo speakers, and more. Nanny cam technology is now so advanced that live video footage can be linked to mobile applications or PC programs so you can check in and see what’s happening in real time.


Is Installing Nanny Cams Illegal?

It’s legal in all 50 U.S. states to covert cameras in your home without the consent of your nanny as long as they are placed in a public area. Installation in private areas such as bathrooms is unethical and can lead to a variety of legal issues. You should note that although video surveillance in public areas is fully legal, audio recordings are not. The state of Massachusetts is one of 16 in America that requires you to notify your nanny if you are taking audio/video recordings. Not only could you be prosecuted for breaking this law, an evidence of your child’s abuse or neglect could be inadmissible in court.


What Are the Benefits of Installing A Nanny Cam?

The many benefits of installing a nanny cam go far beyond providing peace of mind. Here are a few examples:

  • Ensure your child is receiving quality & efficient care
  • Spot bad habits & changes you would like your nanny to make
  • Witness special moments in your child’s development you may have missed because you were away
  • Informing a nanny of nanny cams in your home could deter them from committing crimes such as theft, vandalism, and abuse to your child
  • Capture evidence of abuse or neglect
  • Keep an eye on all aspects of your home including plants and pets


Maximum Security is available 7 days a week to provide comprehensive nanny cam installation for homes and commercial properties of all sizes. Whether your a parent looking to keep your child safe, a day care owner looking to keep an eye on many children, or any other concerned caregiver, our high quality nanny cams can give you peace of mind. Our experienced technicians  will install your nanny cam quickly and efficiently, in addition to providing a thorough explanation of how it works. Contact us today for a free security consultation or to request nanny or caregiver video surveillance services in your area.