Stay Safe on VacationSpring is officially here, and that means there will be plenty of people going on vacations for spring break. Empty homes are a prime target for burglaries and other criminal activity. Everyone knows that they should lock their doors and windows and set their alarms when they leave home for any extended period of time, but there are some simple, more subtle ways to prevent disaster.  Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind so that you and your home can stay safe this season.

Don’t advertise your absence online. It may not seem very dangerous to write on your Facebook page about the great vacation you’ve been planning for months, but you never know. You may as well send out invitations to come rob your home. It’s much safer to wait until you’ve returned from your trip to post about your adventures, plus you have the added bonus of anecdotes and photos to share!

Ask someone you trust to house-sit. Neighbors and family members are good candidates. Ask someone to take care of your pets, water your plants, bring in the mail, shovel snow, etc; a house with snow-covered walkways and tons of uncollected mail is just begging to be robbed. It’s nice to have a second set of eyes looking out for your home. If you’re truly concerned, you may want to consider notifying the police that you will be away, as they can keep an eye on your home during patrols.

Set your lights on timers. A dark home at night is almost a sure sign that there is nobody there. With timers, you can program your lights to turn on and off by themselves. For those who protest this technique with concerns about electricity costs, just think how expensive it could get to replace your valuables or repair your home from a break-in.

Unplug everything. This includes everything ranging from kitchen appliances to computers. If it comes with a cord that you plug into the wall, unplug it before you leave.  You never know when there will be a power surge and you don’t want to come home to find all your electronics got fried. Doing this will also save you a little bit on your bills, since many appliances use power even when they are turned off. Perfect, now you can afford to keep your lights on a timer!

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