Security Guard

As a retail business owner, there’s nothing better than seeing customers enjoy shopping in your store; finding gifts for family, spending time with friends, or simply treating themselves. Unfortunately, most retail business owners are also familiar with the sinking feeling of finding evidence of or personally witnessing a shoplifter.

A report from the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) states that 1 in 11 Americans are shoplifters. Little to no perceived risk is the # 1 reason for shoplifting, so it’s important to have the highest level of security possible to help you reduce or prevent becoming the victim of shoplifting.

Here’s a few easy tips to protect your business from shoplifters:

  • Keep entrances to a minimum. One entrance and exit can help you and your employees keep track of customers
  • Keep expensive items in locked cases and add electronic, alarm triggering tags to all other items
  • Have a security guard or patrol officer present during all hours to monitor the entrance, exit and other areas of the store.
  • Install convex mirrors and security cameras in plain sight to deter shoplifting and ensure employees can easily observe all hidden areas.

Luckily, Maximum Security is here to make securing your business easy and affordable. We offer a Shopliftingvariety of security solutions from video surveillance installation to pre-employment screenings to professional security guard and patrol services.

Call Maximum Security today to schedule a complementary, risk-free security consultation. Remember, anyone can be a shoplifter despite gender, age, social class, or ethnicity. Your challenge as a retail business owner is to spot a shoplifter before you become a victim of the crime. Let Maximum Security provide the tools you need to keep your business protected.