You have recently put your home on the market; it can be a very hectic time between packing and cleaning. When moving, the security of your home is many times overlooked for “higher” priorities.  Once your home is officially on the market it means a number of strangers will be viewing your home when you are at the house and when you are away.

As the foot traffic inside of your home increases, here a number of tips to keep your home and personal belongings safe.

Alert your Security Company

Letting your security company know is a great way to get the process of transferring your security system to another home going or moving the ownership to the future homeowners.

Keep Valuables out of Plain Sight

With people coming and going in your home it is important to keep your valuables safe a secure. Keeping jewelry, electronics, and important documents locked up or out of sight is an easy way to prevent items from being stolen.

Know Who / When people Enter Your Home

Your home is going to be seen by a number of relators and prospective buyers that will be going through your entire home. It is important to keep a watchful eye over everyone, provide a list for everyone who enters your home, and create a secondary code for your alarm system that the relator has access to.

Double Check Your Home when Everyone Leaves

It never hurts to double check! Once everyone has vacated your home look around to make sure all of your valuables are intact and everything is secure. You also want to make sure your home is properly locked when you are away as a potential burglar can map out your home more effectively and see easy ways to break in.

With these simple steps you can prevent unwarranted circumstances such as stolen goods or burglary from occurring. Selling your home is hard enough, rest a little easier by making sure your home is secure while on sale.