Personalized, High-Quality Security Solutions for Individuals & Companies in Worcester, MA

When selecting protection for your commercial or residential properties, it’s important to make sure you choose a company that treats you like a real person, not like just another number. Here at Maximum Security, we’re committed to providing comprehensive protection with a personal touch to residents in the local Worcester, MA community. That’s why Maximum Security is the best security company to trust for your security needs. We understand that individuals and businesses have different security needs, so the same cookie cutter approach will not work for everyone. Maximum Security is ideal for business owners, homeowners, property managers, and other individuals seeking a personalized security strategy in Worcester, MA.

Although our clients range from personal homeowners to large corporations, we specialize in providing security guard and patrol service to secure properties and individuals throughout Worcester, MA. While bigger corporate firms are capable of submitting lower bids, their level of service is likely to be impersonal, which increases the likelihood that they will miss an important detail and put the safety of yourself and your property at risk.

Maximum Security’s methods are straightforward, hands-on, and efficient. Your safety is our top priority and we aim to offer the highest level of protection to each and every one of our clients. For companies that value service quality over saving a buck, Maximum Security is a full-service, local security firm in Worcester, MA that provides incomparable assistance with meticulous attention to detail. Instead of dealing with hotlines and automated phone systems, clients develop a close relationship with their personal contact at Maximum Security. Nothing’s better than the reassurance and peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your well-being is in the hands of guards and patrolmen that care about your well-being.

Security Services offered in Worcester, MA:


For more information about our wide variety of services or to request a free estimate, give us a call at 508-651-1515.