Whether it is a single parent or two-parent family, nannies have become a pleasing option to day care. Parents feel more comfortable with their children being raised and cared for in their own home then in an institutionalized setting. In addition, a parent reserves the right when employing a nanny to expect the child to be raised in the same manner that the parent(s) choose to practice. A feeling of confidence can wash over mommy and/or daddy as their precious offspring play, eat, and reside at home with someone who is nurturing and loving when they physically cannot be.

This is the ideal scenario and rivals institutional daycare in costs, but were it not human beings given this charge then there wouldn’t be so much necessity for worry. Almost every day there is a news story exposing the horrors and tragedy associated with choosing the wrong person to care for a child. An interview full of smiles and compliments can hide the darkness that exists in a sinister person. The best way to protect these precious and fragile bundles of love is to make sure that one knows exactly to whom they are trusting the care of their children.

Companies such as Maximum Security, Inc. offer investigative services and background checks as services in the Massachusetts region. Not only do they offer reference checks, license verification and thorough criminal background investigation but they go one-step further. Maximum Security, Inc. offers nanny and care worker surveillance through hidden cameras within key areas of the home to record the activities in the day. These cameras leave the option of “real time” log in from any location. Though this can seem as if it is too much, had such a practice been undertaken in other, more tragic circumstances, the outcomes may have been quite different.

The truth to the situation is that children are vulnerable to their caretakers, and if their caretakers do not perform their calling with professionalism, nurturing and grace the result is devastating. If it were a perfect world there would be no need for such measures to be taken, but this is not a perfect world and it is important to protect that which is important; Innocence, happiness and the safety of the future adults of this nation. With all the detail and research put into choosing the right cars, the right dogs, the right cell phone, it only makes sense that when choosing a nanny or care worker that the utmost research available would be conducted in order to ensure that the child(ren) are with the best possible substitute while the parents are absent.