Depending on the shape of your yard and the landscaping, it may provide an easy way to deter a burglar or a chance for an easy break in. When a burglar is looking to invade a home, there are a number of factors that they take into account including the visibility of your valuables, how lavish your home seems, and the presence of a home security system.

Tall Trees and Shrubs

If your home is covered with excessive trees, vines, and shrubs it may be time to clean up it up. When looking to invade a home, burglars look for homes with excessive trees and plants as they provide easy cover. Home invaders in general want to be seen as little as possible and by keeping your shrubbery and trees trimmed, it makes it harder for these individuals to find cover.

Yard Signs

Adding décor such as a flower bed or lawn gnome is a great was to spice up the look and feel of your lawn. If you are considering adding more decorations to your lawn, adding signs that display a security system is another great addition to help deter home invaders even if you don’t have a security system. Having signs on your windows of your home is another great way to deter a potential break-in as well.

Lawn Maintenance 

A well-kept lawn provides an effective deterrent for burglars as well. If a home invader sees a lawn that looks like it hasn’t been cut in weeks, it provides an easy indicator that you are not present at your home.


Despite being an excellent way to provide privacy and safety to your home, tall fences can also provide easy cover for invaders. It is recommended that your consider upgrading your home security system or replace your fence with a tall gate.