Having your home invaded can be one of the more traumatic experiences a family can experience, especially when children are home. It is extremely important that your family is protected in case a home invasion occurs.

In the case that the intruder makes their way into your home, it is important to know that they may be armed and dangerous. If they try to demand knowing who is in the house, do your best to negotiate and to get everyone in a single room. This will keep everyone together and children will be calmer. Always agree to give over any valuables that a thief asks for as well. There are no items in your house that are worth risking the safety of your family.

Try your best, in a safe manner to active a panic alarm. If your panic alarm is silent, and doesn’t activate a siren, find the best opportunity to push it. By making this step, you stand a much better chance at getting your valuables and possessions back quickly.

Luckily, we believe that you should never get to this point. With the help of our electronic security services, 3 home safety tips for the fall and common home security mistakes, an event such as this can be prevented.

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