Recently the Home Depot had a security breach similar to what happened to the popular retail company Target. Nearly 2266 stores across in not only the United States, but Mexico and Canada, had a breach in their data from a malware infection across the company’s network.

The company estimates that their data has been breached for roughly 3 months to 6 months, leaving many to speculate that this breach will be much larger and detrimental then the Target Breach. The reason for this is not only the time span longer then the breach of target, but The Home Depot has more stores located throughout North America.

Nobody knows exactly how big this breach actually is, all that is available is the fact that the company is aware of the breach and looking to take the necessary steps to fix the problem. The good news is only individuals who paid using credit as PIN numbers were unable to be accessed by the crooks.

All we can do at this point is waiting and see how many individuals will be effected. With breaches like this becoming more and more common, extra security measures need to be taken so events like this do not become an everyday problem.