Currently the age at which children can be alone at home is completely up to the discretion of the parents. Despite  there being no laws governing the exact age a child can be left alone at home, it is recommended that kids can be on their own at the age of 12.

If you decide to let you child stay at home, here are some tips and tricks to keep them safe while you are away.

  • Explain to your child how far they can go outside of the house and the boundaries they are not to cross.
  • Have a plan for your child to follow should an emergency arise.
  • Have a trusted neighbor your child can go to if an unwarranted or scary situation was to happen to them.
  • Tell them to never answer the door if a stranger is at the door and to always keep the door locked.
  • Have a family friend or neighbor periodically check on the child.
  • If someone calls, tell you children to never say that they are home alone.
  • If you are interested in even more security, a home security system is a great way to monitor whats going on while your child is home alone without having to physically be in your home.

Though being home alone is a chance for your child to become independent, it is important to establish strict guidelines for them to follow to ensure your time away from them is worry free.