Each year businesses nationwide attribute billions of dollars in losses to employee theft. Unfortunately, employees often use their knowledge of security practices, increased access, and acquired trust to steal from the company for which they work. Thankfully, there are simple steps you can take as a business owner, manager, or employee to prevent employee theft.

It’s up to you to know the warning signs and best practices to keep the business secure. Here are a few tips:

Watch Out for Warning Signs of Employee Theft. If you know the signs it’s easy to catch a thieve before he or she commits the crime. A few characteristics to look out for in employees include:

  • Habitual or chronic lying
  • Frequent violation of company policies
  • Appearing immature, angry, or troubled
  • May have cause to feel wronged
  • Symptoms of substance abuse

Screen Employees Before Hiring. Though a criminal background does not prove an employee will steal and a clean background does not clear an employee from the possibility of stealing, pre-employment screenings and background checks are a very good defense against internal theft.

Install a CCTV System in Plain Sight. Not only will a closed circuit television video surveillance system deter employees and customers from stealing, it will allow you or the security guards working for your business to monitor employee activity at all times.

Making theft prevention a top priority not only makes your business more secure, it makes your business more profitable by significantly decreasing the amount of money lost to internal theft.