Corporate layoffs are an unfortunate fact-of-life in today’s troubled economy. Yet many companies do little to prepare for the unpleasant and stressful task of downsizing and laying off or terminating employees.

As the stress of economic uncertainty, increased workloads, job insecurity, and unemployment continue to rise, it’s important for business owners to take the proper steps to ensure employee safety, workplace security, and property protection.


Avoid Violence in the Workplace

While technology such as security cameras and access control cards are helpful in monitoring and controlling workplace activity, physical human presence provides an additional measure of safety that electronic and digital tools cannot. In today’s stressful employment environment, companies and their employees would benefit from the use of termination/layoff security teams that include human resources professionals and professional security personnel trained to handle workplace violence.

A termination/layoff security team can help management predict and control potentially dangerous situations involving the dismissal of employees. Trained security team members can conduct security audits of company property and be available during terminations to provide assistance when and where necessary.

When a company incorporates a termination/layoff security team as part of its regular operations, it’s providing the most effective protection possible for the business, its employees, and its property.