Protecting and securing your home is important as it keeps your family safe and improves your peace of mind. Having a burglar break into your home can be very expense, not to mention the mental toll it delivers. Here are some frequent home security mistakes that you may have made.

  • Leaving a “hidden key” under your doormat. All burglars know to check under the doormat to look for a key. It is essentially the oldest trick in the book.
  • Leaving a key outside, anywhere. Experienced burglars will know to check for all your “clever” hiding spots. Instead of leaving it outside, think about leaving it with a trusted neighbor.
  • Leaving a ladder in your backyard. If you have a two story house, be sure that your windows are locked. Also, be sure that you don’t leave a latter outside.
  • Forgetting to lock your garage doors. The garage door may be one of the easiest entry ways for a burglar to get into your house.
  • Not having much outdoor lighting. Dark areas are great for hiding. A burglar dressed in black can easily maneuver towards your house without a serious threat of being seen.
  • Forgetting to maintain your security system. Be sure that you check your security system occasionally to make sure that it works properly. If it’s not working up to par, you’re essential wasting money.

We don’t want people to be scared or thinking of burglars 24/7 but staying on your toes and making sure your house is secure can be the difference between a very bad situation and complete safety.