Business Event Security Services

Maximum Security offers their range of security solutions for company holiday parties. Our team can be uniformed or more often requested, to be in plain clothes to blend in and not be noticed. As holiday parties pass by, our services can also be used for all company functions or meetings where there is a large group together. As we never expect there to be a dangerous situation at a company event, our business has seen an increase in these requests following the latest shooting during a California company holiday party. Our armed security team will provide a layer of protection that will help keep you and your employees safe.

We can provide a risk assessment of any building, or function area as well. While we provide the physical security, we also provide an analysis of all entrances. We will provide an in-depth report of different building entrances.

For further information on this service or if you would like to inquire about pricing, we are happy to talk. Please feel free to give us a call at 508-651-1515. The peace of mind that you are in good hands will let your team celebrate another successful year in comfort.